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About Us

Our vision here at CFA is “Equipping each generation to embrace biblical Christianity.

We also have seven core values that help to ensure that we at CFA stay focused and true to whom God has
called us to be. They are:
 God’s Presence – We strive to provide an atmosphere in which every
person can feel the presence of God.
Life – We strive to create an atmosphere where life prevails.
We lift people up, point them to Jesus Christ and encourage them to fulfill their God-given destiny.
Truth – We believe that truth exists, that it is absolute and that it can be
We believe that truth is ultimately a Person, Jesus Christ.
We believe in constantly reforming our theology to truth and not to traditionalism, denomonationalism or culturalism.
Apologetics – We believe in equipping Christians to intelligently defend the faith.
Commitment – We believe in being committed and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
We are committed to Kingdom growth.
 Community – We believe that the local church should be a faith community.
Therefore, we place a priority on building relationships and sharing life together.
Compassion – We believe that the church, as the body of Christ, should be
moved with compassion to reach out to those in need.
We believe that the compassion of Christ compels us to minister to people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Staff Members

Rev. Jason Murphy Lead Pastor

Rev. Jason Murphy was called to preach during his junior year of college. Immediately, he began to preach in churches, truck stops, rescue missions, homeless shelters, prisons and street corners. These venues opened his eyes to the many needs and hurts of suffering humanity, as well as honed his ability...

Worship Pastor

Kelly Murphy is the Worship Pastor of CFA. Worshipping is her passion! She loves to lead people into the presence of God. You will be blessed by the Spirit-led blended worship style of CFA.

Children’s Pastor

At the age of 17, Matt was called into the ministry while working at a camp for kids. He went into Masters Commission right after high school. After Masters Commission, he volunteered in the children’s ministry at his church. While there, he met Loren, who had also spent four years...