Our vision statement is simple. It is:

“Equipping each generation to embrace biblical Christianity”

We are a teaching and training church whose goal is to make disciples.



God’s Presence

  • In our services, we strive to provide an atmosphere in which every person can feel the presence of God.


  • We strive to create an atmosphere where life prevails.
  • We lift people up, point them to Jesus and encourage them to fulfill their God-given destiny.
  • We believe in the sanctity of human life


  • We believe that truth exists, that it is absolute and that it can be known.
  • We believe that truth is ultimately a Person, Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in constantly reforming our theology to truth and not to traditionalism, denominationalism or political correctness.


  • We believe we must teach believers to intelligently defend their faith.
  • We believe that it is important to teach people what Christians believe, why we believe it, and how it affects the culture.


  • We believe in being committed and faithful followers of Jesus Christ!
  • We are committed to Kingdom growth and expansion throughout history that will ultimately influence every nation on earth!


  • We believe that the local church should be a family.
  • Therefore, we place a priority on building relationships and sharing life together.


  • We believe that the church, as the body of Christ, should be moved with compassion to reach out to those in need.
  • The compassion of Christ compels us to minister to people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.